STFX Soccer Academy – A True Academy

STFX Soccer Academy is proud to be a true acad·emy [uh-kad-uh-mee] ~ noun

  1. A private secondary or high school offering instruction in a special field
  2. A learned institution for the advancement of knowledge
  3. Approved by the Alberta Soccer Association St. Francis Xavier Soccer Academy is officially endorsed as a 3 Star Program by Alberta Soccer.

Alberta Soccer

The St. FX Soccer Academy is pleased to announce that the program is approved by the Alberta Soccer Association.

The approval outlines a number of requirements in maintaining a high standard of education.

Some requirements include:

  • Providing required hours of instruction
  • Utilizing specific curriculum of instruction appropriate to age
  • Providing both on and off field activities
  • Minimum instructor coaching certification (B license)
  • Safety of training environment and equipment
  • Maintaining the specified instructor to player ratio
  • Incorporating Alberta Soccer Technical development program
  • Incorporating Canadian Soccer Coaching courses

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