STFX Soccer Academy – Coaching Studies

The courses are based around the FUNdamentals of mini-soccer and touch on the following areas:

  • stages of development
  • basic practice planning
  • the role of the coach
  • ethics, safety and liability
  • review of mini-soccer rules
  • basic skill development
  • ample amounts of sample practice sessions

The courses are also designed to help FX players to understand and organize effective coaching techniques for players maturing from children to youth and senior levels.

  • Development of technical and tactical understanding are dealt with in an age appropriate way.
  • Technical, tactical and physical (conditioning) aspects of the game are also presented to our future coaches with emphasis on giving correct coaching points in the form of key factors that will shorten the coaching dialog, possible information overload, and lead to a better understanding of the coaching topic.

Players must be prepared to participate in all sessions conducted in classrooms, gymnasiums, and fields, and must be appropriately dressed for active participation.

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